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comprehensive dental treatment is the specialty of rahma dentistry. our goal is to provide a full spectrum of dental care using the latest technologies and equipment


the implantology services provided in poznań encompass diagnostics and treatment to best tailor dental implants to the anatomical and aesthetic requirements of our clients. this way, they appear natural while retaining their functionality. at rahma dentistry in poznań, you can count on comprehensive support even in the most challenging cases. furthermore, when it comes to dental implants, our pricing is flexible, taking into account various factors such as the condition of the teeth or patient preferences

korony Poznań

an experienced dentist working in poznań, when offering patients a specific price list for services, always starts with diagnosis and treatment proposals. each situation requires an individual approach. at rahma dentistry in poznań, we specialize in prosthodontics, focusing on restoring full functionality and rebuilding teeth damaged due to diseases or congenital defects using materials such as crowns, bridges, and dentures

endodontics - root canal treatment

root canal treatment is an innovative procedure performed in poznań, aimed at assessing the condition of teeth and removing infected tissues if the teeth are seriously damaged, infected, or inflamed within the root. at rahma dentistry in poznań, advanced technologies are used to perform microscopic root canal treatment, allowing the dentist to carry out the entire process with precision and efficiency

wybielanie zębów Poznań
teeth whitening

teeth whitening is a safe service that allows patients to enjoy a bright and radiant smile. in our clinic, we ensure that the whitening process is painless and completely comfortable, with long-lasting results. this is a great method for reducing discoloration caused by factors such as coffee, tea, or smoking, and more. we invite you to explore this service

Usuwanie kamienia Poznań
plaque removal

regular plaque removal is a crucial procedure in dentistry. it ensures oral health, contributes to maintaining fresh breath on a daily basis, and prevents periodontal diseases such as periodontitis and cavities. the hygienist at rahma dentistry in poznań prioritizes patient comfort, using the latest methods to provide the best expected results

Leczenie zębów Poznań
conservative dentistry

diagnosing, treating, and preventing oral diseases are the main elements characterizing the so-called conservative dentistry. the practice of our dentists and other specialists working in the office primarily focuses on protecting teeth from cavities, providing fluoride services, and educating patients about proper and regular oral hygiene to prevent dental issues in the future

Usuwanie zębów Poznań

when dealing with complex dental problems such as severe tooth damage, infections, or periodontal diseases, it often becomes necessary to provide oral surgery services. specialists at our dental clinic perform extractions, root resections, or bone reconstruction while maintaining the highest hygiene standards, using advanced techniques and modern equipment to ensure safe and effective treatment for patients

Tomografia komputerowa

on a daily basis, we use modern technologies, including x-ray examinations, 3d computer tomography, and panoramic images, which provide precise information about the condition of teeth, bones, and soft tissues. our team of dentists also conducts thorough analyses, assessing the state of the teeth and detecting various issues. diagnosis is thus a crucial element of treatment, allowing for the individual customization of therapy to meet the patient’s needs


smile metamorphosis

create the smile you've always dreamed of with us

we approach each case individually, developing a detailed and thoughtful treatment plan. we aim to meet the expectations of all our patients, even the most demanding ones

dentysta poznań rataje
Nowoczesny skaner wewnątrzustny 3D


equipment and technique

modern technologies

at rahma dentistry, we keep up with the latest advancements in dental diagnostics and treatment. we have access to, among other things, 3d computer tomography and a modern intraoral 3d scanner

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