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a team of qualified doctors who approach each patient holistically and individually is the foundation of rahma dental clinic. our primary goal is to provide you with the highest quality of care while ensuring your comfort during every visit to our clinic

Stomatolog Poznań

dr. samir rahma

the owner of rahma dental clinic in poznań. he graduated with honors from k. marcinkowski medical university in poznań. from the very beginning, he has been passionate about oral surgery and implantology.

he is a graduate of postgraduate studies in implantology – the curriculum of the polish implantological association and new york university college of dentistry – “oral implantology.”

he is an active participant in numerous courses and training programs in poland and internationally. he constantly enhances his skills and implements modern medical solutions in the procedures he performs.

Samir Rahma -
Stomatolog Poznań

dr. adam januszewski

he graduated from k. marcinkowski medical university in poznań.

in dentistry, his main interests are general dentistry, prosthodontics, and aesthetic dentistry.

he participates in numerous courses and training, particularly in the field of aesthetic dentistry.

in the clinic, he is characterized by calmness, composure, empathy, and above all, a desire to understand the health and aesthetic needs and expectations of patients related to their teeth.

Adam Januszewski -
Stomatolog Poznań

dr. aleksandra ambryszewska

she graduated from k. marcinkowski medical university in poznań.

she specializes in conservative dentistry and endodontics. the most important thing for her is providing professional care to patients.

determined to continuously develop, she participates in many conferences and training sessions to enhance her skills.

in her work, she considers restoring smiles to patients and their sense of self-worth as key.

Aleksandra Ambryszewska -
lek. dent. Paulina Udeh

dr. paulina udeh

she graduated from k. marcinkowski medical university in poznań.

she is a highly ambitious individual who enjoys challenges. she values contact with patients of all ages, from the youngest to adults. patient comfort and painless treatment are paramount to her. her charisma creates a friendly atmosphere during visits, and patients leave the office with smiles on their faces, overcoming the common fear of the first visit. the trust patients place in her and their satisfaction after the appointment are what give her immense motivation to continue her work.

she constantly evolves and enhances her skills through training and dental conferences.

lek. dent. Michał Kunysz

dr. michał kunysz

he graduated from the pomeranian medical university in szczecin.

in his work, patient comfort and full understanding are important to him. he places great emphasis on detailed dental examinations, after which he thoroughly discusses the oral cavity’s condition with the patient.

he participates in dental training sessions and conferences to enhance his qualifications.

Michał Kunysz -
Higienistka Poznań

certified dental hygienist paulina paluch

graduate of a specialist school for dental hygienists.

continues to enhance her skills through various training sessions and courses in the field of oral hygiene, prevention, and oral health. During appointments, she thoroughly explains the procedure being carried out and strives to make visits friendly and comfortable for patients. She concludes each appointment with oral hygiene instructions.

She collaborates with doctors from various specialties on a daily basis, allowing for comprehensive care of the patient’s oral health.

Paulina Paluch -