Stomatologia RAHMA


diagnosis and treatment

modern technologies at rahma clinic

to ensure high-quality services, we utilize state-of-the-art technologies essential for both diagnostics and subsequent treatment, following a meticulously developed treatment plan

rahma clinic is where traditional dentistry meets modern technologies, and an experienced team of specialists ensures the comfort, safety, and health of patients. the dentist offering services in the poznań facility provides treatments in fields such as implantology, prosthetics, and endodontics. we offer comprehensive care, using innovative equipment on a daily basis to ensure precise, effective, and painless treatments. the basic tools essential in the work of dentists are described below.

Tomografia komputerowa

3D computer tomography

the specialists in our clinic use advanced 3D computer tomography to provide patients with top-level diagnostics. the tomograph is an irreplaceable machine that presents three-dimensional images of oral structures, including teeth, bones, and soft tissues, facilitating the assessment of the condition of the dentition and the preparation of a treatment plan.

modern intraoral 3D scanner

an important diagnostic tool used by dentists is a modern intraoral 3D scanner. it allows for a precise assessment of the condition of the teeth, tooth roots, jawbone, and other elements within the oral cavity. since the device provides three-dimensional data, it enables precise planning and implementation of various dental procedures by the dentist. at rahma clinic, after performing a scan of the oral cavity, procedures such as implanting dental implants can be carried out.

digital implant planning

digital implant planning involves using advanced technology to plan the placement of dental implants. this process typically includes the use of digital scans, computer software, and 3D imaging to create a detailed and accurate plan for the implant procedure. the digital planning allows for precise placement of implants, taking into account factors such as bone structure, nerve locations, and overall oral anatomy. this approach enhances the success and predictability of implant surgeries. At rahma clinic, digital implant planning is likely employed to ensure a thorough and efficient process for placing dental implants.

machine-assisted root canal treatment

to efficiently remove infected or damaged tissues from the inside of the tooth and adequately prepare the root canals for filling with a biocompatible material, dentists often opt for machine-assisted root canal treatment. this ensures accuracy and repeatability through the automation of the process, minimizing the risk of complications. root canal treatment, when performed by an experienced dentist, is shorter and much more effective thanks to this approach.

root canal treatment under a microscope

a professional dental microscope provides exceptional visibility and significant magnification, enabling dentists to precisely remove infected tissues and fill root canals with material to prevent reinfection. innovative microscopic root canal treatment contributes to preserving healthy teeth while improving patient comfort during the procedure.