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price list of services

Higiena i profilaktyka zębów

hygiene and prevention

Proper dental hygiene and prevention are a necessity to enjoy a beautiful and, above all, healthy smile. it’s worth choosing the rahma dental clinic in poznań, where an experienced dentist and dental hygienist will perform treatments such as tooth tissue protection – sealing, fluoridation, the removal of dental calculus and deposits, and, at the same time, provide a thorough consultation.

follow-up visit/examination100 zł
scaling (removal of dental calculus)150 zł
sandblasting200 zł
fluoridation of both dental arches100 zł
scaling + sandblasting + fluoridation.400 zł
korony Poznań

aesthetic dentistry

aesthetics is an integral part of dentistry. it’s worth remembering, especially when the dentition is entirely healthy, free of defects and inflammation. in such cases, a dentist from the rahma clinic in poznań can offer various teeth whitening methods based on the patient’s needs, as indicated in the price list. these methods may include solutions using trays, bonding, or in-office direct light treatments.

in-office teeth whitening800 zł
take-home teeth whitening800 zł
Whitening of dead teeth (one inlay)100 zł
flow injection / bonding (one tooth)600 zł

conservative dentistry

this is one of the core components of dentistry, alongside diagnostics, treatment, and surgery. however, it is equally important because conservative dentistry primarily deals with the treatment of small dental defects, most often caused by bacterial, carious, and physical factors such as abrasion or chipping.

consultation150 zł
local anesthesia50 zł
therapeutic dressing100 zł
filling in a primary tooth200 zł
light-cured composite filling small300 zł
light-cured composite filling medium350 zł
light-cured composite filling large400 zł
tooth restoration after endodontic treatmentfrom 400 zł
anterior teeth restorationfrom 350 zł
glass fiber post300 zł

microscopic endodontics (endodontic treatment under microscope)

endodontics, or root canal treatment, performed by a professional dentist in our poznań clinic, is a painless and effective method for treating teeth when pathological changes inside them cause pain and discomfort. in addition to traditional methods, modern endodontics utilizes microscopic endodontic treatment, which allows for greater precision, especially in the case of narrow and short root canals in teeth.

consultation150 zł
tooth devitalization150 zł
reconstruction of a damaged tooth crown before endodontic treatment200 zł
endodontic treatment of an incisor/ canine800 zł
endodontic treatment of a premolar1000 zł
endodontic treatment of a molar1200 zł
endodontic retreatment of an incisor/ canine1000-1100 zł
endodontic retreatment of a premolar1200-1300 zł
endodontic retreatment of a molar1400-1500 zł
Chirurgia stomatologiczna

dental surgery

Dental surgery primarily encompasses procedures related to surgical treatment, where precision, accuracy, and patient comfort are essential, as such actions are often invasive. thanks to the use of anesthesia, the patient does not feel pain during such processes. the most common procedures include tooth extraction, root apex resection, surgical removal of impacted teeth, and surgical sutures, although our clinic offers many more options.

consultation150 zł
surgical suturing150 zł
incision of an abscess300 zł
frenectomy of the lip/tongue frenulum400 zł
tooth extractionfrom 300 zł
surgical tooth extraction"from 400 zł
extraction of tooth "8"from 400 zł
surgical removal of an impacted tooth, including tooth '8from 800 zł
root apex resection700 zł
closure of oroantral fistula (maxillary sinus communication)+300 zł
socket grafting (after tooth extraction) with bone substitute material – preparation for implant placementfrom 1500 zł
implanty zębów Poznań stomatologia rahma


depending on individual needs, dental implants in poznań are a suitable method for replacing single missing teeth, multiple teeth, and complete edentulism. to obtain a detailed price list, we encourage you to have a consultation with a dentist in our clinic in poznań, during which we will propose possible solutions tailored to the patient’s individual needs, ensuring both health and aesthetic appearance. for this reason, dental implants are a great investment for residents of poznań and the surrounding areas.

consultation150 zł
dental implant placementfrom 3000 zł
implant uncovering + healing abutment300 zł
Protetyka stomatologiczna


dental prosthetic treatment primarily involves the replacement of missing teeth, ranging from single teeth to full mouth reconstructions. in other words, dentists perform procedures like root canals, crowns, or prostheses that imitate real, natural teeth. treatments in the dental office in this regard often involve the placement of all-ceramic crowns or bridges, as well as full mouth reconstructions.

consultation150 zł
relaxation or whitening splint450 zł
crown-root inlay300 zł
inlay, onlay1500 zł
full ceramic crown1800 zł
full ceramic crown on an implant3000 zł
full ceramic veneer1500 zł
acrylic-based denture1600 zł
metal-based partial denture1700 zł
acetal/acrylic-based denture1900 zł
cutting of a prosthetic crown (1 piece)150 zł
acrylic denture repairs/ tooth addition150 zł
denture re-lining250 zł


it is a relatively new field in dentistry, developing rapidly in recent times, thanks to new technologies and devices that can do more and more. these methods are most commonly used for diagnosing patients, analyzing issues, and creating further treatment plans, primarily using digital images and 3d computer tomography.

intraoral digital x-ray (single tooth)50 zł
digital panoramic x-ray100 zł
3D computer tomography400 zł

the above price information is for reference purposes only and does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of article 66 §1 of the civil code. prices may change depending on the individual course of treatment.