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dental implants

durable results and natural beauty

dental implants have revolutionized the dental service market. implantology is a method for restoring missing teeth, from single teeth to complete edentulism, offering the chance to regain a healthy and beautiful smile.

rahma dentistry is equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and treatment planning equipment, ensuring that the implant placement process yields spectacular results.

what dental implants are?

it is a replacement inserted in the place of a missing tooth. it mimics its root. the implantation procedure is carried out under local anesthesia, which makes it entirely painless and comfortable for the patient. after a healing period, known as osseointegration, where the implant fuses with the bone, a prosthetic crown is placed on it. it looks like a natural tooth, providing the best aesthetic result.

compared to other prosthetic solutions, the use of implants allows for the restoration of natural tooth function and aesthetics while avoiding interference with the remaining teeth, such as grinding down healthy neighboring teeth.

the advantages of dental implants

modern dental implants, performed in poznań, come with many advantages and work exceptionally well when a patient is dealing with dental issues or multiple tooth gaps but still desires a beautiful and healthy smile. properly fitted implants ensure an improved bite, ease during eating favorite foods, and consequently, an increase in daily life comfort.

facts and myths about implants

modern implantology is progressing at a rapid pace, providing patients with increasingly better results, improving chewing comfort, and enhancing the appearance of the oral cavity. however, despite the readily available knowledge, there are still many myths surrounding what they are. we invite you to learn about the facts and myths about dental implants we offer in poznań. how does the price list for these services look, whether implant placement is painful, and most importantly, whether it is a solution for everyone.

how should one care for dental implants?

dental implants implanted in our patients in poznań are a part of the oral cavity, so they should be treated like one’s own teeth. this means that home hygiene is important, including regular brushing and flossing. after the procedure, it’s important to follow all the recommendations provided by the dentist, such as taking medications, avoiding physical exertion, or using cold solutions. patients should regularly perform hygiene procedures and attend prosthetic work check-ups at least every six months. in case of any problems, it’s best to contact the clinic.

information about implants

it’s worth remembering that dental implants in our clinic in poznań are professionally placed. they can be permanently secured in the oral cavity because they are made of high-quality materials. furthermore, they look very natural, as their placement doesn’t require grinding the adjacent teeth, as the implant fuses with the bone. This results in a natural appearance at any age. choosing dental implants in poznań is a good decision; you can check the price list and contact our specialists directly.

contraindications to the procedure

considering the modern advancements in medicine, it is practically worthwhile to opt for dental implants at almost any age. however, it’s essential to remember that despite the benefits of this solution, there are a few contraindications to the procedure, such as taking medications affecting bone density, rheumatism, cardiovascular diseases, compromised immune system, or unexplained pain in the oral cavity.

single missing teeth

multiple missing teeth

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